Aura Reading using Biowell

Aura is the representation of our innate potential and traits. The aura acts like a mirror that can show the emotional, mental, and the physical condition of the person. In other words, the aura is the electronic signature of the person. The human aura has both electrical and magnetic fields. This let the aura readers understand about the person clearly that why the person is thinking negatively. Deriving their emotions, pains and ailments in the body can also be done easily.

Bio well technology on Aura Reading :

Bio-well is a revolutionary tool designed based on Electro-photonic imaging. The tool can measure the energy field, stress level, and the wellness status of the person. Understanding these can let aura readers learn everything about personal health. The stress level detected through Bio well helps to provide better guidance to ease their issue. The wellness status can be useful to resolve their health issues.

Why is Aura Reading through Bio well?

Since many techniques are available to Read the person Aura, using Bio-Well technology has many advantages. Know about the salient features of Bio-Well technology in reading the human Aura.

  • The scanning process is quick, easy and non-intrusive.
  • A powerful tool that provides you with a wealth of rich data to help identify areas to tend to as you work towards personal coherence.
  • Get real time feedback on what factors – positive and negative –affect your energy state.
  • System provides instant graphic representations of the data to provide easy reference and interpretation.
  • Displays data in an easily understood format using graphic representations; placing indicators within the outline of the human form for ease of discussion.
  • View each scan in a variety of interesting ways with up to seven result display options.

How Aura Reading helps us?

The person can know many mysterious things about themselves by this Aura reading. The expert aura readers can provide the solution in life. Here are some astounding benefits with the Aura reading :

  • Resolve your emotional problems and past pain.
  • Realize your inner skills and abilities.
  • Shows your purpose of life and mission to accomplish in future.
  • Get rid of the psychological problem.
  • Treating wide ranges of diseases.
  • Bringing inner satisfaction, joy and peace in life.

How Aura Reading performed through Bio-well?

Human Aura has an energy field that surrounds human beings. The human Aura is directly connected to the energy the vortices of the body. The colours of the aura originated from the chakras. The electromagnetic field from the human body serves the visual measure of the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual states.

The human aura gets affected by a few factors. They are:

  • Energies of the environment
  • Force fields of the planets
  • Radiofrequency that interpenetrate all forms of matter

The human aura has not seen through naked eyes, but the Bio well instrument allows you to measure the human energy field. Bio well uses the powerful technology of Gas Discharge Visualization. The specialized camera and software system helps to illustrate the state of the human. The device can also assist in detecting future disease and provides the suggestion for the overall health improvement.

Bio well uses a specialized camera and software system to measure the human energy field. Each scan on this instrument will help to derive the holistic view of the state of well-being.

Bio well passes the weak and painless electrical current supply to the fingertips for than a millisecond. The response to this stimulus is the formation of an electron cloud that is composed of light energy photons. The camera in this instrument will capture the electronic glow and it gets translated to the digital computer file. The derived data will be used to compare with the database.

Highly Stressed Person Aura

Human body incorporates 7 Chakras or the integrated energy centres that affect mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. These energy disks are positioned into the spinal column at various starts from coccyx to the crown of the head. Each Chakra reflects a certain frequency level. But with the new Bio well software, it is possible to estimate the energy of chakra and display the level of activation in the form of a graph.

The alignment of Chakras of the normal person.

The alignment of Chakras of the person who is in depression, bad mood, and heavy stress.

Health Status :

The health status window helps to analyze the functional state of the human body. It can be achieved by calculating the integral parameters of energy distribution. Later it gets compared with the reference parameters of the healthy person from the database.

Outcome of Biowell :

Bio well offers the analysis of the human energy field and allows to see the day-to-day transformation. It can also provide health improvement and the condition of the person. Bio well is not to measure the anatomical structure of the body, but it can record the functional conditions of systems and organs.

How people can benefit from Aura Reading through Biowell?

Most believe that human aura is only the spiritual concept, but it is more than that. Above all, scientists are trying to discover the hidden facts of human beings. Also, they mention it helps to diagnose and treat many diseases. Here are some more benefits that one can acquire using Aura reading.

  • Diagnosing disease: In the present time, a human is experiencing many dreaded diseases. Among that, some has treated and many have untreated. An aura reading can help to treat the dreaded diseases through its analysis.
  • Predicting physical problems: It is obvious that Aura reading is completely practised by analyzing the human aura. Therefore, it helps to predict physical problems that human beings will face in future.
  • Psychological problem:Aura reading will work better in treating psychological problems. The aura reader will analyse the human state of mind and understand their psychological problems.
  • Eliminating negative emotions: Predicting the reason behind unhappiness, sadness, depression, and dissatisfaction in life can pave the way to eliminate the negative emotions. The expert aura master will predict the reason behind your negative emotions and helps to lead a happy and contented life.
  • Discovering the purpose of life: Aura reading helps in discovering the mission and purpose of life in the world. Also, it aids in identifying a person’s positive qualities and special skills.