AURADEEPA name itself resembles the source of immense brightness to life. Aura is energy field or layers of colour can reveal information about your thoughts, feelings etc. Everyone has this energy field. The aura is an electronic signature of who we are.

To increase the amount of the glory in Individuals life and to Shine as Bright as Light When in the Darkness. Enlightenment is Needed. Which can happen within you and it Possible to make it happen by Only you. so for that, The Initial Step is the Self Discovery when the changes happen from within it adds the light of glory in all the walks of your life and can experience the changes in the outside world as well as a better version of real you .

Our Services helps the Individuals to operate in glory of light in all the walks of life by Enlightening from within and lead a purposeful and meaningful life . AURADEEPA provides the Services Of Graphology, Tarot Card Reading and AURA Reading using BIOWELL Technology. Each of the Services Provided From Us are unique disciplines and is a science in itself and acts as Tool for the wide variety of Clients and the Individuals who wish to discover the Self from within and plays an important role in determining the personality traits of an individual Through Graphology also Tarot card reading Service acts as life-enhancing tool that helps in guidance to make Decisions and This reading gets you the answer to anything that is on your mind with help of the cards by giving you a deep, insider’s look for your love life, career, family issues and many more.

The AURA Reading through Bio well Device scan returns a wealth of meaningful information which is the most sensitive reflection of physical , emotional and spiritual condition of a person and this device can also detect many future diseases and provides the suggestion and meaningful information for the overall health improvement and this Service has helped many of Individual to understand and live a life in the state of their well-being by knowing the root cause for all the problems and will be able to Find the appropriate Solutions.


Our expertise will allow the individual to discover and understand their skills. It will assist them to motivate themselves and learn to make purposeful life.


Our mission is to offer individual attention to make people enlightened. The key objective of our service is to assist people in building their character.