Graphology – the study of handwriting that helps to uncover the personality traits. Graphology study has set to analyze human psychology with handwriting. A person’s Handwriting is an X-ray photograph of his/her inner self, tasks, mental process, maturity, vocational aptitudes and cultural desires, innermost desires, emotional outlays, goods, deepest fears and defences and even their sex drives.

This is not fortune-telling and hence the age, race, gender, religion etc cannot be determined through Handwriting. Nationality does not enter the picture of Handwriting and also whether a person is left-handed or right-handed and even pencil or pen was held in the hand between the toes or in the mouth cannot be revealed in Handwriting, The writing movement is not controlled by the writing organs, but by Central Nervous System. since Handwriting is Brain Writing. The signature of the person can also assist the graphologist to have a better picture of the personality. signature symbolizes the real you, your inner self, your ego.
It can also help us to gauge individuals characteristics in various areas like loyalty, ambition, logic, decision making, motivation, memory, concentration, interpersonal skills and physical health. Even in the medical field, the study on handwriting has made to diagnose and tackle the disease.

Why Graphology ?

The appearance of the person can be deceptive, but handwriting never lies. It can reveal beyond your ken. Know about how the writers think, behaves, and feels with the handwriting analysis.
Graphology holds numerous benefits. Here are some benefits that the person can experience :

Here are some benefits that the person can experience :

  • Evaluate the honesty and integrity of the person.
  • Helps in resolving the sensitive issues.
  • Self-awareness and know the inner talents
  • Highlighting one’s Strength and weakness.
  • Emphasizing your positive attributes.
  •  Improving your relationships with family and friend.
  • Eliminating the negative personality traits that may be holding you back.
  •  Discovering new hobbies, interest or even a new career.

How Graphology helps us ?

Graphology can help us to give a realistic view of the problems. Graphology will give the unbiased outline of the person’s personality and behaviour. Here are some more ways that graphology helps us. Know more here :

Know more here :

  • Showcases the actual talent that has never realized before
  • Will help in believe in yourself by knowing your traits
  • Assist you in improving the relationship
  • Get the clue of talents and aptitude with handwriting analysis
  • Acts as the tool to know how others see you
  • Eliminate the negativity and improve job performance
  • Get a clear idea to deal with the problems by understanding the core reason

How people can benefit from Graphology?

Graphology has mentioned as the non-invasive method to evaluate the human personality efficiently. Many would get benefited from the Graphology’s result. Here are some benefits that one can enjoy with this handwriting analysis concept.

  • Personal Relationship: Handwriting analysis assists in checking the compatibility in all types of personal relationship. This analysis will highlight the areas where actually personality clashes occur. Hence, it will be easy to solve relationship problems.
  • Education: Graphology is highly valuable in the field of education. This option will be more useful in the place where interaction between teachers and pupils. Low self-esteem and some personality issues are the major cause of the student’s growth in their education. The handwriting analysis can help to identify their latent skills and make the talents noticed by everyone.
  • Career Guidance: Getting knowledge about personality is vital. It helps in matching the individual correctly to the work that suits his or her personality. The analysis will analyse your interest and pave the better path in your career.
  • Recruitment process: Handwriting analysis is an invaluable tool in the selection of candidates. This analysis will focus on the problematic areas and helps us to correct. Using this method can assist in choosing the most suitable person for the job.