Sachin Padidale
I can say with gratitude and confidence that Ms. Deepa and her program helps me to achieve high marks across my academics. I will recommend Auradeepa to help the students to achieve great in academics
Sneha Gurappu
Deepa is amazing! Her work has helped me a lot to overcome my extreme difficult time in my life. Her guidance through the tarot card reading helps me a lot. Thanks a lot!
Ankita DesaiContent Writer
Wonderful work…Thank you very much! I have seen very much accuracy in this work, I might otherwise attempt to hide from my self or misunderstand in the least. I’m very pleased, and very impressed! Keep up the great work!
Raju Sheshappanahalli
Thank you so much! I felt this was incredibly accurate. The aura reading sounded with me very much and was really insightful. You have an awesome gift!
Shubhashini R
Just came here to give you a public thank you. The reading you did for me was very accurate. Thank you for the Tarot card reading as well! I thought much of this was accurate after I thought about it! Very impressed. Thank you again!”
Sushma Venugopal
I have been assisted before by psychics, counsellors, etc.. But the reading I received by Deepa, one of your gifted psychics, was so accurate, so in-depth and CLEAR, I must say it’s the best I’ve ever come across. I now know where my issues lie, a good deal of why and what steps I need to take to overcome them. I can’t thank you enough!
Madhu Palegar
I was grappling with a situation which had troubled me for many years. After I visited the Auradeepa, I decided to give it a try and requested an Aura reading. It exactly pinpointed the cause of my problem and I must say that it really helped me a lot.
Soni Sonakshi
The aura reading done with Deepa has been immensely beneficial to me. A lot of questions which had been bothering me have been satisfactorily answered. And not only that, the reading has cleared up a lot of confusion regarding my purpose this lifetime.
Pooja N
​​​​​​​I loved the aura reading you did for me Deepa. I have the knowingness of who really I am as a soul but always doubt it. You gave me a deep insight into who I am. Thank you so much!
Prashanth Neelkani
What a great day!!!! It was a nice session with Deepa and very informative thought. I was impressed with the technology. Now I know what I need to work on in order to feel better. Thank you so much, mam!
Sanal Dev
Absolutely spot-on! I just wanted you to see that all of this resonated with me on many levels. I don’t doubt your talent for a minute! Thank you very much for the great session with you.
Anurag Tiwari
Wow, this reading is really more accurate. I also love the way you structure your readings. Thank you so much, this really resonated with me.